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Why am I not a bit normal and what is normal anyway?

Our world today is more complex than ever, often overwhelming and crazy to a good extent (ver-rückt in German is beautiful as it says dis-places…). The rapid change and unsteady times make me think out loud whether the so-called “normal” still serves us or whether it is time to question our conditioning and narratives.

How would it be to finally let go of the constant search on the outside, the eternal consuming, numbing, hustling? What if we activate our inner compass to help us recognise ourselves, make fresh choices and finally be real?

Throughout my life, “normal” felt unnatural, heavy and limited to me. As a child, I already suspected there was a world beyond the obvious stories. My soul had ordered the big spoon for the buffet of life and so I got countless ecstatic and light aspects, but also plenty of shadowy ones, in the form of abuse, violence, encounters with death…

I registered the domain in 2002 without any concrete idea or plan. At that time I was studying fashion journalism, partying and loving a lot, reading all night long and between hedonism and depression I was firmly convinced that it was time for a new normal. It was going to take time…

For over two decades I studied facts, travelled the world, studied all kinds of wisdom teachings and learned countless spiritual practices. I was always fascinated by people, their stories, simply…life.

Over the years my NewNormal manifested itself, which is now mostly peaceful, often surprising and rarely boring. For me, a NewNormal has long since arrived and I meet more and more people who take responsibility for their lives and aim to create a more loving future. I am grateful for the trust of my clients. I continue to wonder my way through life and share some of the wildest stories of my journey.

Welcome to NewNormal!

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