»Who writes life..?«

Internal and external communication

For over 25 years I have been fascinated by communication and those special moments, when real contact develops. Whether in my work as a consultant or in healing work – I repeatedly experience how words shape our reality. When language comes from the depths, it reaches our core and nurtures clarity, connection and creativity. The energy of life flows, things get simple and we experience more lightness.

What words would you choose for yourself if there was less noise in your head? What reality would you create  with your energy?

I support you on the way to finding your individual expression. This can be a text about yourself, your work or your business or a communication session to deeply and radically meet you in all honesty.

Some call it coaching, I call it the courage to be in real contact. Welcome to the New Normal.


internal communication (healing work & introspection)

I offer individual sessions and groups (see dates & prices):
We use the following methods:

  •  contemplative communication/mind clearing, according to Charles Berner
  • The Work, according to Byron Katie (withdrawal of projections) thework.com
  • systemic constellations, according to Bert Hellinger
  • inner child work
  • heart’s communication (through journaling, mind mapping, vision boards)
  • honest sharing, according to Gopal
  • supportive energy and body work (experiential breath, yin yoga, meditation)

external communication (text & marketing)

I offer services for individuals, brands and companies:

  • Communication consulting for identity finding, positioning, vision & mission (brand development, strategy).
  • Communication workshops to clarify internal issues
  • Website structuring & copywriting (English & German)
  • Consumer insights and testimonial stories – the “real” stories (recruiting, interviews, reporting, integration)
  • Campaign development, copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Translation (ENG>GER)

About me

I am 44 years old and have never been employed a day in my life. As a freelancer, I enjoy the freedom to experiment with my skills and find my authentic way from a place of calm. When I manage to “just be” and give space to my intuition, whimsical, interesting and wonderful situations develop, sometimes I call them work.

My work reality has never been reducible to one title. For over twenty years I was a journalist, trend scout, copywriter, brand consultant, translator… somewhere busy between London, Berlin and Stockholm, employed by well-known companies, magazines and agencies to make their products and campaigns sound good. Sometimes this meant twisting the truth, sometimes telling deeply touching stories – I was “successful”, my body called it stressful and got sick.

After many healing sessions, seminars, trainings and quite normal miracles, I now live between Germany and Portugal, listen to myself and into nature, have an awake free school teenager, a behaviourally creative shelter dog, a partnership based on growth and trust and between work that nourishes me, I almost always find the time to listen to people…

I give communication workshops for companies, organise transformative women’s circles, write website texts, interview people for film productions and give sessions in contemplative communication or family constellations. All this is my reality and I am grateful for every facet of it.

For me, it is “New Normal” to walk between worlds, to never lose my fascination with the human species and to keep rewriting my story.

New Normal – the Blog

Why am I not a bit normal and what is normal anyway?
Our world today is more complex than ever, often overwhelming and crazy to a good extent (ver-rückt in German is beautiful as it says dis-places…). The rapid change and unsteady times make me think out loud whether the so-called “normal” still serves us or whether it is time to question our conditioning and narratives.
How would it be to finally let go of the constant search on the outside, the eternal consuming, numbing, hustling? What if we activate our inner compass to help us recognise ourselves, make fresh choices and finally be real?

Throughout my life, “normal” felt unnatural, heavy and limited to me. As a child, I already suspected there was a world beyond the obvious stories. My soul had ordered the big spoon for the buffet of life and so I got countless ecstatic and light aspects, but also plenty of shadowy ones, in the form of abuse, violence, encounters with death…

I registered the domain newnormal.de in 2002 without any concrete idea or plan. At that time I was studying fashion journalism, partying and loving a lot, reading all night long and between hedonism and depression I was firmly convinced that it was time for a new normal. It was going to take time…

For over two decades I studied facts, travelled the world, studied all kinds of wisdom teachings and learned countless spiritual practices. I was always fascinated by people, their stories, simply…life.

Over the years my NewNormal manifested itself, which is now mostly peaceful, often surprising and rarely boring. For me, a NewNormal has long since arrived and I meet more and more people who take responsibility for their lives and aim to create a more loving future. I am grateful for the trust of my clients. I continue to wonder my way through life and share some of the wildest stories of my journey.

Welcome to New Normal!

Dates & Prices

Healing work

Online appointments are possible at any time

May & June appointments in presence in Portugal/Sintra (30 min from Lisbon)

  • Individual sessions, flexible by arrangement
  • Friday 24.05.2024 / 11.30am: open group systemic constellation at Estudio de Corpo e Alma (Malveirra da Serra), free spots for representatives
  • Friday 07.06.2024 / 11.30am: open group systemic constellation at Estudio de Corpo e Alma (Malveirra da Serra), free spots for representative

Prices for individual sessions and systemic work are between 50 and 200 €, depending on financial possibilities and length of sessions. We will always find a solution!

Text & Marketing

For text work, copywriting and marketing projects please reach out to check my availability.

I’m happy to prepare an individual proposal.


Systemic change at her core

“Romy is one of my favourite collaborators in providing creative and foundation insight. What’s so unique is she imagines change for companies and individuals in equal measure.

Her work has been original for the 10 plus years we’ve worked together, designing insight approaches, deep-diving with real people, ideating with key stakeholders, and strategising individually or within a team. Romy totally commits to her work, with the passion to create systemic change at her core. Amazing!”

Jason Schütze-Fulton CEO This Memento Amsterdam, insights and strategy agency

Strong, yet gentle presence

“I had very little knowledge of family constellation, however a deep trust for Romy made me curious about her work. I was in the process of some deep transitions in my life and it felt right. 

The experience was life changing. I went into it with curiosity and an open heart. I came out feeling like a deep soul shift/healing had taken place. The work has allowed me to be more embodied. To listen to and follow my intuition and let go of some old wounds.

During the session I could feel from Romy a deep sense of calm and knowing. She moves through her work with a strong yet gentle presence. If you are reading this, take it as your sign to book a session. You are here for a reason.”

Natalie Turner, Sales Leader & Business Developer

Always an inspiring experience

As with previous challenges, the revision of the website www.system180.com or the creation of new product brochures, we also turned to Romy Uebel to update our mission statement. After a short briefing, in which she captured the core statements, the purpose and the desired style through targeted questions, the final product was created in the shortest possible time, via very few iteration loops. We are thrilled with the perceptiveness, sensitivity and competence with which she implements the specifications. The content is clear and comprehensible, the high-quality texts correspond stylistically perfectly to the CI specifications and can thus be combined with the other company texts. We are already looking forward to the next joint project!”

Francesco Coccia, Head of Sales & Marketing System180

People are not their past

“I can only highly recommend Romy’s work! I had a lot of resistance to do this kind of inner work and wanted to postpone, run and hide… I am proud of myself, that despite my fear I showed up anyway to gain more clarity on my professional orientation… The systemic constellation, in the way Romy guides it, is so life changing and for me one of the most powerful healing methods, because you can see and feel the dynamics happening and changing. I can’t explain it, but the peace I feel since I’ve done it is unbelievable. People are not their past. Our ancestors hold the keys to our future. Thank you Romy!”

Lisette van der Valk, Yoga instructor


I really like an old school call, but you can also contact me by mail, whatsapp or telegram.

+49 172 91 02 982

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